6 More Days of Christmas Sale at Forest Lake Auto Group

Ram Truck Christmas Header

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Merry Christmas from all of us at Forest Lake Auto Group. Christmas just got longer here in Forest Lake, MN. In celebration of the holidays and 2016 coming to an end (what a year), we’re passing on some great deals. We’ve dropped the price on tons of our new and used inventory! Did you know you could drive home in …

Department of Transportation Wants All Cars to Communicate by 2023

Department of Transportation V2V Technology

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In order to improve traffic safety, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) recently proposed a rule to require all automakers to equip light-duty vehicles with vehicle-to-vehicle communications equipment. With the development of new technologies and a recent interest in driverless cars, technology that allows cars to communicate with one another is another step towards safer roads. The proposed rule has …

Waiting Sucks: How to Make Traffic Lights Go Green

How to Turn Traffic Lights Green in Forest Lake, MN

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Waiting is the worst. We all have a finite amount of time on this earth, and sometimes the rules of the road just force us to sit there like a bunch of lemmings. The worst is when you get to a light that stops you with no other traffic going through the intersection, often at nights or in rural areas. This latest video from SciShow on Youtube gives some sweet tips and trips on how to get that traffic light to turn green. Check it out!

Regulators Abandon 54.5 MPG CAFE Standards

Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid Rear

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While the headlines aren’t exactly a sexy bit of automotive news, the latest reports from Automotive News suggest a brighter future ahead for the U.S. automotive industry. In a 2011 agreement to reduce emissions, automotive manufacturers were scheduled to have a fleet-wide goal of 54.5 mpg. However…

X-Games’ Levi Lavallee Hits the Streets of St. Paul in a Snowmobile

Snowmobile in St. Paul, MN Levi Lavallee

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Don’t worry St. Paul, MN, it’s safe to go outside again. Oh you didn’t hear? You must have been out of town. Well, in case you missed it, seven-time X-Games gold medal snowmobiler, Levi Lavallee set out on a rampage of snow and street through St. Paul, MN. The antics were sponsored by Redbull as you’d expect, and they’ve put out a video of the snow-pro’s snow show.

Gas Prices Drop Below $1 Per Gallon

Gas Pump Fuel Prices in Forest Lake, MN

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Rejoice! Hopefully as a sign of things to come, gas prices in Houghton Lake, Michigan dropped down to only 47 cents per gallon for 87 octane gasoline. After a price war between several gas stations in Northern Michigan, the lowest price spotted shattered the state’s average price of $1.72 per gallon by 1.25.