Auto Finance

Looking for the best interest rates and finance terms to get yourself into a new or used car? Forest Lake Auto Group is here for you. We work with a huge network of lenders to help get you the best terms and rates around. Our staff is specially trained to help you finance your next new or used vehicle. Whether you need an auto loan, are curious about leasing, or want to trade in your vehicle for top dollar and tax savings, our finance department located in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis, MN and St. Paul, MN can help you get what you need.

Credit Application

At all of our dealerships, our finance department works with the best lenders around to get you the best auto loan. Whether you’ve got good credit, great credit, or not so great credit, we have lenders for you. See us today near St. Paul, MN or get yourself started online. When you’re ready to get the ball rolling, submit a credit application.

Trade Values and Benefits

Many people hold a common misconception that trading in your vehicle is a poor option. Well, it’s time to put those rumors to bed. Trading in can have financial and other benefits when you’re buying a car. The most obvious benefits to trading in your vehicle are convenience. You live a busy life and you may not have the time to clean up your car, post an ad, and meet numerous strangers. Many people who trade in their vehicles are looking for convenience. Trading in is also safer, and it has great tax benefits that could actually save you thousands of dollars. When you trade in your vehicle, you only pay taxes on the difference between the purchase price and your trade in. If you trade in a $20,000 car for a $30,000 car, you only pay taxes on the $10,000 difference. That’s a lot of extra dough.

Leasing Vs. Buying

Deciding whether or not you should lease or buy can be a difficult. While most people continue to buy their cars, leasing is increasing in popularity. Leasing is often as financially smart as buying, contrary to a common belief. We can help you determine whether you should lease or buy your next vehicle. Generally speaking, leasing will have lower payments than a purchase of the same car. Ask us for help deciding which option is best for you.