Trading In Your Vehicle

Did you know that you could save thousands of dollars in taxes on your next purchase by trading in your current vehicle? Yes? Awesome! No? Well let’s find out how. Trading in saves time, is safer, and has the potential to save you hundreds, or even thousands on your next new or used car.

Not only will you get all the benefits of trading in your listed above, we offer fantastic trade in values for your vehicle that’ll sweeten the deal even more. We’ll give your car a brief inspection and make you an offer, right on the spot. It’s that simple! You don’t even need to be buying a new car to sell us your vehicle. We are always looking for great cars to add to our inventory. If you have any questions, visit us today in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis, MN and St. Paul, MN.

Save on Taxes and Interest

One of the more hidden benefits of trading in is actually one of the best. When you trade in your vehicle for a different vehicle, you only pay taxes on the differences in values. For example. If you’re purchasing a new vehicle for $30,000 and you trade in your car for $20,000, the taxable amount is only $10,000. In this example at a 7.125% sales tax rate for Forest Lake, MN, you would be saving $1,425 in taxes. The same goes for interest. The lower your loan amount, the lower you’re going to be paying in interest over the duration of the loan.

Other Benefits of Trading In

You’re a busy person. One of the best ways to cut down on the clutter is to trade in. Selling through private party takes significantly more time than a trade in. You have to post or advertise your car, meet with potential buyers, meet with more potential buyers, and cross your fingers that one of them will bite.

Trading in is also a much safer process. When you come to a Forest Lake Auto Group dealership in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis, MN and St. Paul, MN, you don’t have to worry about meeting some crazy strangers. We’re staffed with professionals who care about our customers, and we’re definitely not going to be scamming you at the bank. Selling through private party has its risks. Trading in is safe.