5 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Extend The Life of Your Car

New Year's Resolutions to extend the life of your car

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The new year is upon us and many of us are making resolutions to try to make the coming year the best one yet. Living a healthier lifestyle, achieving goals, and facing fears are some classic resolutions you might be considering, but what about your vehicle? We spend so much time in our cars yet we often tend to neglect them from time to time, which can result in some unwanted results. If you want to help ensure that your vehicle will drive seamlessly into next year, here are some resolutions you can make to extend the life of your vehicle.

Visit The Service Shop More Regularly

New Year's Resolutions to extend the life of your car

This might be the most obvious way to extend the overall life and resale value of your vehicle. However, it’s a little too easy to forget to schedule those regular oil changes. Maintenance goes beyond just getting your fluids changed though. Make a resolution this year to have your wheels aligned, your tires rotated, brakes and timing belt checked, along with many other things. It might take up part of a day and cost you some money, but regular maintenance is one of the most important things you can do to keep your vehicle running smoothly for many more years to come. Plus, having your vehicle regularly checked can catch issues before they become a much bigger problem, which would end up costing you much more.

You can schedule an appointment at either of our friendly service shops, either Forest Lake Chevrolet & Cadillac, for Forest Lake Chrysler Dodge Jeep & Ram. Both offer various service coupons and discounts that change often, so make sure you check those out to save some extra money. You’ll thank yourself at the end of this year when your vehicle is in great shape because of all the regular maintenance you’ve had performed.

Treat Your Tires Right

New Year's Resolutions to extend the life of your car

On top of making sure you have your tires regularly serviced and wheels aligned, having the right kind of tires will help you and your vehicle in many ways. Many people here in Minnesota and other parts of the northern midwest have at least two sets of tires; one set for winter and one set for summer. To extend the life of your tires as well as your car, it’s very important to use the right tires for the right weather and road conditions.

Set a resolution to make sure you have the right tires on your car, and change them at the appropriate time. It’s also very important to make sure they’re inflated to the recommended pressure to improve gas mileage and overall handling.

Protect Your Car While It Sleeps

New Year's Resolutions to extend the life of your car

The elements can really do a number on your vehicle. Although they’re obviously meant to be driven outside, where you store your vehicle can greatly affect its lifespan. If you can have option to park your vehicle inside in a garage, that’s the best way to keep your car, truck, or SUV in its best shape. However, if you don’t have a garage available or your large truck can’t fit inside of it, then you might consider some other options.

If you don’t drive your vehicle every day, you might consider renting a garage somewhere to keep it in. If that’s not possible for you, then you might want to invest in a cover or canopy carport to park it under. This will help prevent rust, paint chipping, and other damage that can happen when a vehicle is not protected.

Clean Out Your Car More Often

New Year's Resolutions to extend the life of your car

The interior of your vehicle is also very important. Many of us find ourselves eating food in our cars these days whether it be from a drive through with the family or a quick breakfast on the way to work. If you do eat in your car, it’s very important to clean it often. A clean and odor free interior will greatly increase the resale value of your vehicle.

Some vehicles like the Chrysler Pacifica even include a vacuum built right into the vehicle to make keeping your vehicle clean much easier. Make it a goal to regularly vacuum out and wipe down the inside of your vehicle this year. If you have leather seats, it can also be crucial to treat them regularly to keep them from breaking down after many years of use.

Focus On Safer Driving

New Year's Resolutions to extend the life of your car

When you’re constantly jamming on the gas pedal and brakes, you’re putting your vehicle through a lot. Vehicles driven by aggressive drivers have a much shorter lifespan on average. If you find yourself in this category, then consider the damage that you’re doing to your car. If you really want to extend the life of your vehicle, then it would be a great resolution for you to try to drive more safely this year.

Minneapolis, MN was recently rated to have the 21st worst traffic in the US with 1,903 traffic hotspots. It’s always a good idea to leave a little more time than you think you need to get somewhere, especially during the holiday season. This can make for a much more relaxed trip and a safer drive, which is better for both you and your car.

A recent study showed that Americans spend an average of 293 hours in their car every year. With driving being such a huge part of our lives, we hope these resolution tips will help make 2018 your best driving year yet, and keep your car in great shape to welcome you through your next new year.

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