Awesome Cold Weather Car Features You Can Get Today

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Chances are, if you’re reading this you’re probably located within or near Forest Lake, MN. And, if it’s not in the middle of the summer, you’re probably quite cold. Car manufacturers are always finding new ways to make their cars better and better – and increasing your comfort or safety in cold weather is a great way to do just that. How many of these cold weather mitigation features have you heard of?

1. Heated Seats

Heated Seats in Forest Lake, MN
If you haven’t heard of heated seats, you’re probably confused by the futuristic screen that you’re looking at. For decades now, cars have had heated seats that will warm up your backside in a jiffy.

2. Heated Mirrors

Heated Mirrors in Forest Lake, MN
This one is a little more uncommon, but many vehicles are now offered with heated side mirrors. These mirrors have a heating element that can be toggled on and off to heat up your side mirrors and melt off snow and ice. This feature is exceptionally useful on those icy cold days. They offer a great way to remove the ice and snow without scratching up your mirrors.

3. All Wheel Drive / 4 Wheel Drive

Jeep 4x4 in Forest Lake, MN
Many of our cars are only being powered by two wheels. When you’re trying to take off from a stop in snow or ice, sending power to all four of your wheels provides significantly improved traction.

4. Heated Windshields

Heated Wipers in Forest Lake, MN
Heated windshields are a thing. Believe it. Some vehicles are offered with heated windshields that will melt off any ice or snow stuck to your windshield. No more scraping. No more scraping. No more scraping.

5. Heated Steering Wheels

Heated Steering Wheel in Forest Lake, MN
Don’t you hate it when your hands are just freezing? Cold hands limit your dexterity (an important thing to have while driving), and are just downright uncomfortable. Find a car with a heated steering wheel and your manos will thank you.

6. Snow Tires

Snow Tires in Forest Lake, MN
All season tires or snow tires provide a huge boost to your winter traction. Better winter traction allows you to better maneuver your vehicle in all – and emergency – situations. Having the proper tires on your vehicle for your conditions is extremely important for the safety of you and your passengers.

7. Headlight Washers

Headlamp Washers in Forest Lake, MN
Some look just like small windshield wipers that are attached to your headlights, but most of them use retractable sprayers to spray the slush off of your headlamps.

Gear Up for the Winter in Forest Lake, MN

Do your hands, toes, and the rest of your body a favor and gear up for the winter. Having a car or the accessories to better weather the cold weather can significantly approve your day-to-day! Check out one of our awesome dealerships in Forest Lake, MN for a great deal on a new or used car or hook it up with some new accessories.

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