Minnesota State Fair

2017 Minnesota State Fair

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The Minnesota State Fair is just around the corner! The State Fair starts tomorrow, August 24th, and runs until Labor Day. There’s lots to see and do every day from 6 a.m. to midnight. You can catch the parade every day at 2 pm, anywhere along its 14-block route. The firework show happens every night after dark, so stay to catch the lights! All through the day, you can visit lots of interesting booths to learn and shop, or visit the Adventure Park and the variety of fun rides available!

2017 Minnesota State Fair

There are all kinds of rides and exhibits that kids and adults alike can enjoy at the Minnesota State Fair. If you’re in the mood for whimsy, check out the Butterfly House. Or, if you want something spooky instead, explore the Haunted House! The Carousel, Giant Slide, Go Karts, Great Big Wheel, and more fun exhibits are there for anyone who wants to take a ride at the fair. There are tons of fun agricultural exhibits you can visit to support local chapters and let kids have some fun, hands-on experience. You can also visit the Pet Center, the reptile shows, and the Moo, Baa, & Oink Booths to learn more about animals! You can learn all about the science, technology, and old-fashioned hard work that goes on the in dairy and cattle farming.

2017 Minnesota State Fair

Be sure to check out the Arts A’Fair, too! Guests can watch all kinds of theater, dance, music, and art showcases. There will be pop-up performances all throughout the Fair, showcasing a wonderful variety of styles, cultures, and art forms. You can check out performances by storytellers, dancers, drummers, puppet and mask theater, lyric arts, and even flamenco dancing! There will be a wide variety of fun, colorful performances throughout the weekend, so check out the Arts A’Fair schedule to make sure you see a bit of everything!

2017 Minnesota State Fair Aug 24 – Sept 4

The Minnesota State Fair offers all kinds of entertainment, food, learning experiences, and thrills, so don’t miss it! Tickets are for sale online or at the gates. Be sure to check the schedule of special events for special ticket discount days! The whole family can join in activities like the State Fair Trivia and the Giant Sing-Along. You can also get tickets to some of the amazing Grandstand performances lined up throughout the week. This fair will be lots of fun for the whole family, so bring your friends along and have a great time!