5 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Car

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Spring is officially here and although here in Minnesota it’s still not quite flip flop weather, we sure are seeing more sunlight. Many people do spring cleaning for their house every year, but it’s important not to forget about your vehicle. The winter months are gone and now that the sun is out you can really see all the dirt and dust that’s accumulated in and on your car over winter. Here are some of our tips for spring cleaning and maintenance for your car, truck, or SUV.

Change Your Windshield Wipers

Spring Cleaning Car Tips

Spring is the perfect time to go ahead and replace your windshield wipers. Snow and ice can do damage to your wipers over the winter and it’s important to be able to see clearly through the spring rain. While you’re replacing them, go ahead and check your windshield for any cracks that may have occurred over winter as well. Cracks are the cheapest to replace when they’re small, so the sooner you notice them the better.

Check Your Fluids

Spring Cleaning Car Tips

The days are near when you no longer need any anti-freeze, woohoo! This is a great time to top off your wiper fluid. It’s probably about time for an oil change too, right? Have your mechanic check all of your fluids while you’re there so that you’re all set for spring trips on the road.

Check Your Tires

Spring Cleaning Car Tips

Now that the snow is beginning to clear, it might be about to time to change your tires. If you use the same tires year round, why not give them an inspection? Make sure they have plenty of tread left and that nothing has gotten stuck in or around them.

Clean Your Floor Mats

Spring Cleaning Car Tips

Everyone’s bringing out their home rugs to be beaten, so why not bring out your car mats as well? If you have cloth floor mats, give them a really good shake and then vacuum them thoroughly. If you have rubber floor mats, take them out, give them a good scrub, and then hose them down.

Give It a Wash

Spring Cleaning Car Tips

Soak up some much needed vitamin D on a sunny day and give your car a hand wash. Washing your car by hand is the best way to avoid the micro scratches that can occur from a drive-thru car wash. Just make sure to use the appropriate equipment. There is all sorts of dirt that can build on your car over the winter. Make sure to remove debris to avoid any external damage.

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