How To Survive Being Hit By A Car As A Pedestrian

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Yep, you read that title correctly. In this blog we’re going to give you some tips for how to not only increase your chances of survival if you were hit by a car, but reduce your injuries as well. These tips are thanks to Lifehacker and Inside Edition, who recently did a story with professional stuntwoman Tammie Baird to learn the best way to absorb a car’s impact as a pedestrian.

Now, obviously there are an infinite amount of scenarios that involve a person being struck by a moving vehicle. Everything from the speed of the vehicle to the location of the accident will affect the chance of survival or injury in an accident. These tips are just something you can keep in mind if the horrific event of being hit by a car ever happened to you. Or, they’ll at least give you something to anxiously go over in your head while you’re in the shower after you’ve won all your hypothetical arguments.

This article is focusing specifically on getting hit by a car as a pedestrian. These rules don’t apply if you’re in a vehicle yourself, on a bike, or anywhere else. This method also only applies if the vehicle hitting you is going less than 45 mph, as anything faster won’t give you enough time to react. The method is Lift, Leap, Protect, and Roll.


According to stuntwoman Tammie Baird, the most important part of the method is to try to get yourself onto the hood of the car. This means that this method only applies to cars with a flat hood, and not taller SUVs and trucks. Lifting your body up as high as you can go will help ensure that your body gets swooped up and not down onto the hard asphalt.

Leap & Protect

The next step is to leap, or jump, up. Propel yourself upwards as hard and as fast as you can with your weight-bearing leg so that your hips or butt are the first part to land on the hood of the car. This is where all those leg days you’ve put in at the gym will really come in handy. As you land, make sure to bring your arms up to try to best protect your head in any way that you can. They recommend spreading the rest of your body out as much as you can to try and reduce the force of impact.


While continuing to protect your head at all costs, the next thing is to try to roll with the momentum of the vehicle. You’ll likely roll up onto the windshield and over the car or back down the hood of the car after it has hopefully stopped moving. Try your best to avoid rolling off of the car, where you can fall onto more dangerous surfaces.

After you’ve lifted, leaped, protected, and rolled, you’ll want to get up as quickly as you can if you’re able to. Get completely out of the area to avoid potentially getting hit again from being in the street. Ask the driver to remain where they are, get their license plate number and take photos if you can. Call the police immediately and then get to the hospital for a medical evaluation. Many times in accidents like this you might not feel pain right away from being in shock, but there could still be a lot of damage done.

Of course try to avoid being hit by a car at all costs in the first place. Stay alert and aware of your surroundings while crossing the street or walking along a road. Never text and drive and it’s a good idea to stay off your phone while walking in a busy traffic area as well. You can help reduce pedestrian injuries and fatalities by being an alert driver yourself. And, if you see a car speeding towards you and there’s not enough time to run, don’t forget to lift, leap, protect, and roll.

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