Waiting Sucks: How to Make Traffic Lights Go Green

How to Turn Traffic Lights Green in Forest Lake, MN

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Waiting is the worst. We all have a finite amount of time on this earth, and sometimes the rules of the road just force us to sit there like a bunch of lemmings. The worst is when you get to a light that stops you with no other traffic going through the intersection, often at nights or in rural areas. This latest video from SciShow on Youtube gives some sweet tips and trips on how to get that traffic light to turn green. Check it out!

How to Turn Traffic Lights Green

So if you watched the video, you know there are a couple of methods that engineers use to keep the traffic flowing. Some intersections use fixed timers to control the lights. Other intersections use cameras mounted to the traffic light pole that monitor traffic flow and waiting vehicles. Many intersections use small electromagnetic fields that trigged when your vehicle enters.

The best way to make sure that the intersection “sees” you is to make sure that you pull forward at the stoplight (not into the crosswalk) and be in the center of your lane. Pulling forward ensures that camera systems will be able to spot your vehicle, and being in the center of your lane allows you to better trigger electromagnetic field-based systems. If you’re in a motorcycle or smaller vehicle, you may be out of luck.

If you’re having bad luck, you could always try driving an enormous vehicle like a Chevrolet Suburban or a Ram 2500. We hear that helps.

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Source: SciShow Youtube