Auto Detailing

At Forest Lake Auto Group, we have a specially-trained staff of auto detailers to make your car, truck, van or SUV beautiful again. Whether you need a quick wash, hand wash, interior or exterior detail, come see us. We’ll also make sure that your new shine lasts with a paint sealant or wax. Having headlight haze? We do headlight restoration for under $100. Check out some of the offers we currently have in our detail department and visit us today in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis, MN and St. Paul, MN.

  • $0

    Full Exterior Detail

    Hand Wash Vehicle
    Hand Dry
    Clean Door Jambs
    Clean Wheels
    Clean Rims
    Apply Wax to All Exterior
    Dress Exterior Rubber and Tires
    Clean Interior and Exterior Windows
    Engine Degrease & Cleaning
    Bug Removal
    Add $20 for trucks, vans, and SUVs

  • $0

    Full Interior Detail

    Thorough Vacuum
    Spot Treat Stains on Carpet, Seats (if Cloth), & Floor Mats
    Shampoo Carpet, Seats, & Floor Mats with Hot Water, Shampooer, Extractor
    Clean All Plastic, Leather & Vinyl
    Brush out Vents
    Clean & Dress, Dash & Console
    Headliner Cleaned
    Clean Interior and Exterior Windows
    Add $20 for trucks, vans, and SUVs

  • $0

    Full Exterior Detail with Paint Sealant

    Paint sealant is an excellent way to keep the new shine of your vehicle and your paint protected. Paint sealant bonds to your paint and protects it from the outside world. Paint sealants are synthetic polymers that create a barrier around your cars paint that prevents scratching, fade, and oxidation. Paint sealants last significantly longer than waxes. For those that want the ultimate in paint protection, opt for our exterior detail with paint sealant.

  • $0

    Interior & Exterior Package Detail

    Want your car to be as clean as you could possibly imagine? The interior and exterior detail package is for you. This package includes all of the components of the full interior and full exterior packages at a reduced rate. Add $30 for trucks, vans, and SUVs.

  • $0

    Fabric Protection

    Keep your carpets and interior fabrics in tip-top shape with our fabric protection treatment. We’ll treat your fabric with protective elements to make sure that it repels spills and maintains its texture and color.

  • $0

    Headlight Restoration

    Dodge that discoloration and evaporate that oxidation with our headlight restoration. We’ll take your hazy headlights and highlight the road ahead with a crisp, clean lens.

Also Available by Estimate

  • High Speed Polishing
  • Color Sanding
  • Paint Over-Spray Removal
  • Scratch & Scuff Removal
  • Tar & Sap Removal
  • Decal/Sticker Removal
  • Acid Wash (Water Spot Removal)
  • Odor Removal
  • Mold Removal
  • Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal
  • Dog Hair Removal

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